First-class customer service a top priority at Naki Realty

The Cambodian real estate sector has experienced tremendous growth in the last few years. Today, it’s normal to see buildings rise after the other in Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville, Siem Reap and other major cities in the Kingdom; the once-empty skylines transformed overnight.

As a result of these developments, the number of businesses catering to the sector, also went up.

Nowadays, there is a growing trend among property developers to turn to asset managers who will run and manage their properties. Such a move presents certain benefits.

First, it is time-efficient as the property management company will take over tenant management, tenant screening, lease retention and day-to-day operations. Second, it will allow a developer to have more time working on new projects and be given the option of managing only one department contrary to the traditional setup.

One company stands out in the property sector: Naki Realty – a leading real estate company in Cambodia that focuses on sales and leasing, tenant management, property management and facilities.

Naki Realty is part of Naki Group,   a local real estate and property management company that grew into an investment firm that focuses on  development within Southeast Asia.

Naki Group’s operations are focused on three main areas: property development, realty services and hospitality management. From their base in Cambodia, the Group has extended its reach to the United States and other parts of Southeast Asia after setting up representations in Seattle and Singapore.

Naki Realty entered the Cambodian market in the early 2000s as one of the few property development companies in the country.

Stiff competition followed. Naki Group faced the competition head-on and came on top by the skilful utilisation of a diverse team and by deftly customising their services to each property while maintaining a high standard of quality.

Scott Kang, Director of Property Management at Naki Realty, is among the key people leading the company. Supplied

In just a few years, Naki Realty landed the contract to manage some of the top property developments in Cambodia, including Silvertown Metropolitan, Woodlands Residences,  Agile Sales Gallery, the One Mall and TK Avenue.

Located within the properties managed by Naki Realty are some leading local and international brands, including The Pizza, Krispy Crème, DQ, Adidas, Crocs, Havaianas, Bonchon, Starbucks, Smart, FTB, Legend Cinema, Lucky Burger, Lucky Supermarket, Brown Coffee and others.

There is no better testament to Naki Realty’s quality of service than being tapped to manage these properties.

Commitment, trust and integrity are what define Naki Realty. The company always strives to become a partner one can depend on. It treasures the relationship established with clients and puts a premium on honesty on all of its actions.

Naki Realty has an international team of experts who have intimate local knowledge.

Naki is also not shy about adopting new technologies and ideas. By embracing smart home automation, residential access control, smart community management and smart lifestyle solutions, Naki Realty has put itself many steps ahead of the competition.

Under property management, Naki Realty offers both residential and commercial services.

The commercial services include administration work, accounting, tenant management, facilities management, budget expectations and controls, marketing, landlord reporting and communication needs.

Under residential services are unit maintenance, lease management, rental collection, common facities maintenance, added services such as housekeeping, laundry and asset management.

Naki Realty also helps clients with the paperwork and other tasks related to pre-handover, handover, operations and other start-up procedures.

Naki Realty is striving to become a key player in Cambodia’s ever-growing property management sector, a bridge between developers and customers, as they say. With their consistent performance, the realisation of that dream seems just around the corner. No doubt about it.

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